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Model HC485B
Engine Type 4 Cylinders, Inline, 4-Stroke, Water Cooling, Direct Injection
Air Intake Type Natural Aspiration
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Bore × Strokemm 85×95
Piston DisplacementL 2.27
Rated PowerKW 34
Rated Speedr/min 3000
Compression Ratio 18:1
Minimum Idling Stable Rotationr/min ≤800
Stable Adjustment Rate% ≤5
Minimum BSFC at Full Loadg/kwh 245
Consumption Rate of Oil and Fuel% 1.0
Rotation Direction of Crankshaft (Facing Flywheel) Anti-clockwise
Lubrication Mode Pressure Lubrication & Splash Lubrication
 Cooling Mode Forced Circulation Water Cooling
Starting Mode Electric Starter
Dimension:Length × Width ×Heightmm 696×492×650
Net Weightkg ≤205
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